Niedersachsen Map 1.31

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My Map got changed on ETS2 Version 1.31

Mapper:SN-Map/er, Prefabs:FLD, Real companies Mod:Tamiel18


20 thoughts on “Niedersachsen Map 1.31

  1. Hahaha lol

    Were is the Scania dealer? I don’t see the dealer!

    1. SN-Map er

      a scania dealer will come in the next update

  2. What dlc i need?

    1. SN-Map er

      north, fr and east

  3. RayFiftyOne

    Too bad. This could be a great map if it was 1:1.

  4. Looks good but dont want to play it if there no Scania dealer 🙁

    1. SN-Map er

      a scania dealer will come in the next update

  5. doesnt+work

  6. DLC???

    1. SN-Map er

      north france and going east

  7. Bhagwant123

    Why this map incompatible for ets2 v. latest version?

    1. iTzSplashed

      cause its for 1.31 ##### xD

  8. Bhagwant123

    OK give me updated download link of 1.31

    1. SN-Map er

      this is the 1.31 version

  9. Bhagwant123

    How i can update to 1.31

    1. Maxmaxi0211

      If you have steam you can rightclick the game in the library and select properties. Then you just click beta versions and choose 1.31 open beta.

    2. SN-Map er

      you can change the steam ets2 version under library / ETS2 / properties / betas

    3. RayFiftyOne

      Buy the game!!

  10. Bhagwant123

    Please tell me another way to update because I haven’t steam ets2 version

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