Nissan Qashqai 2016

– Reconcile “Independent”
-1.6 Diesel Engine
-Standard, Metallic Color
-Cam Animation
-Signal Arm Animation
-Wiper Arm Animation
-Outer, Inside Wiper Works Smoothly.
– Warning Animations
-Animated Scent Ornament
-Start Stop Animation.

Model: Yelkant fashion designer
Voice: Berat Afşin
Transfer + Edit + Ao: Mert İrşi

-Bağımsızdır “Standalone”
-1.6 Dizel Engine
-Standart,Metalik Renk
-Cam Animasyonu
-Sinyal Kolu Animasyonu
-Silecek Kolu Animasyonu
-Exterior,İnterior Silecek Sorunsuz Çalışır.
-İkaz Animasyonları
-Animasyonlu Koku Süsü
-Start Stop Animasyonu.

Model:Yelkant modacı
Ses:Berat Afşin
Aktarma+Edit+Ao:Mert İrşi

Model:Yelkant modacı
Ses:Berat Afşin
Aktarma+Edit+Ao:Mert İrşi


12 thoughts on “Nissan Qashqai 2016

  1. can you create Laika Ecovip 309s please and/or Ecovip 412 or another model of Laika Caravans, but if is possible Ecovip 309s on fiat ducato?? thanks! or another camper.. for example Hymer motrhome in traffic’s game, Etrusco, … . I’ve been waiting for years….

  2. SomeRandomGuy

    Can you please remove whatever is causing to interior to light up 10x more

    1. You can turn off hdr.

  3. bugs:
    1. no number plates
    2. rear lights
    3. if you crash the car you gotta buy another one because you cant repair it

  4. If you want to make a good mod, you also have to fix the hitch with the minitrailer and animated windows. You don’t see the top line of the glasses when you lower the windows.

  5. Can you make bmw e66 please

  6. please add number plates and openable windows!!!

  7. Please Volkswagen sharan 1999 or 2006 <3

  8. bu dizel motor sesi neden gelmiyor motor sesleri hala düzelmedi hiçbir modda


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