No Barrier Mod (V1.2)

(Compatible with all versions)

– Bug Fixes
– More Compatibility

Sick and tired of having to crash into barriers blocking roads constantly and wanting to explore the outside world SCS has been hiding from us?

With this mod u can instantly unlock any barrier stopping u from entering a specific street/road or whatsoever, from exploring unfinished cities to unfinished roads, to unfinished buildings, everything is possible!

Don’t wait and make sure to download this mod right now to start ur exploration through the undiscovered parts of ETS2!

Reupload = Not allowed, permission must be verified, make sure to contact GameSpot_Gaming on Instagram, check link below.

This mod is compatible with any version, in case of any bugs, make sure to hit me up in the dm’s on my Instagram!

And make sure to drop a follow for more mods, thanks!

GameSpot Gaming


4 thoughts on “No Barrier Mod (V1.2)

  1. It makes all the closed roads in the game open. removes barriers on all roads. There is no closed road. all dlc works.
    Tried in version 1.44. it is working properly.

    The same but with a different signature… Original by Ataberk

    1. GameSpot Gaming

      Thank u for the additional info.

    2. Что толку? Выезжая на не открытые дороги проваливаешься в бездну…

      1. GameSpot Gaming

        True, but some people dont have dlc’s unlocked, with this mod ur still able (if u don’t have a certain map dlc installed) to access a part of the locked world of a certain dlc, try it out, there is lots of more to explore!

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