No Bloom and 4k Graphic in ETS2

No bloom and 4k graphic in ets2Excellent Road and natureTexture
for Default Map and Going East!
All textures are from Scandinavia DLC don’t reupload, keep Original link!



9 thoughts on “No Bloom and 4k Graphic in ETS2

  1. no bloom?? 4k ??

  2. Trucker1998PL

    video ?

  3. Really nice mod i love it ! But it’s possible to change the yellow line ?
    Good job !!

  4. Any Videos?

  5. I can`t seen any 4K dimesion textures in this mod!
    maximum is 1024×256 and 512×512!
    What is that?!

  6. Only some road & some sidewalk parts textures!
    Where is anounced “nature”?

  7. Not good

  8. maliprinc

    This mod doesn’t do sh*t. Not working at all. Not even in removing bloom.

  9. @dr_jaymz

    the roads are too dark and the yellow lines and the sidewalks too bright…

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