No Damage 1.19.x

No Damage

This mod has been tested on the game version 1.19x and gives you no damage to truck, trailer or cargo when a collision occurs.


Distribute using the original download link!

Enjoy the mod!

Author: BH Engineering


6 thoughts on “No Damage 1.19.x

  1. good mod works well can you do a no fines mod please

    1. BH Engineering

      I am already working on it Paul. Release tomorrow hopefully!

    2. Change factor in game_data
      Change the data in the file policy. Or write your own.

  2. it is password protected

  3. I am sorry to say this did not work for me, I have ETS2 V: and within seconds of starting the game I damaged both truck 2% and trailer 3%

  4. güzel calışıyor ama harita tam görünmüyor düzetilirse seviririm

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