No Damage for 1.18.xx


Here is No Damage for truck and trailers mod for latest 1.18.xx



6 Responses to No Damage for 1.18.xx

  1. COBRA says:

    к сожилению не работает

  2. Chickenlights&chrome says:

    Would be nice if it was scs file.

    • dctoe says:

      If it is a zip file, try changing the extension from zip to scs. Internet Download Manager has a habit of changing and scs files to zip format. All I do is change them back and they work fine.

  3. Alderito says:

    To TSM?

  4. Helmax says:

    It don’t work for me. I moved it to the mods folder and activate in the profile, but still get damage.

    Btw, the mod for make more xp for parking trailer don’t work for me too.

    I’m have the latest ver by Steam.

  5. ovid says:

    not working please help

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