No Damage for 1.19.xx

No Damage

This mod disable damage on trucks & trailers in latest BETA version 1.19.xx
Tested on Beta

Author: BLiNKT


10 Responses to No Damage for 1.19.xx

  1. Vlasta Vasicek says:

    you have permission for use this pictures??? User is a thief pictures

    • Doggieme1 says:

      it’s yours isn’t it?

    • dctoe says:

      Well he didn’t claim credit for the picture. We should at least give him a chance to pay tribute. BLiNKT, the ball is in your court.

  2. wadgt says:

    this mod does not work in 1/19

  3. dlopez says:

    Does it works on TSM 6? Or Russian Map? Works for 1.18?

  4. BLiNKT says:

    Mod work fine

    1.Create new account or profile
    2.But before start activate mod and than start a new game

    if you activate this mod after you crate new game than mod not work

  5. Rob says:

    Hi, please add no police offence feature, THX.

    • Floris says:

      No mod needed for that. You know how to run commands? Run the command ‘g_police 0’ and police will be off. ‘g_police 1’ will turn it on again.

  6. Tasja says:

    with all due respect for the modmaker : it doesnt work not on new profile not on Scania T from RJL, not on ingame trucks only on Scania R and Streamline from RJL

    Really dont get what is going wrong doesnt matter where i put the mod in list on right side it just doesnt work….

  7. Charles says:

    after trying two no damage mods from Barbootx and BH Engineering neither of them worked for me, but this one I am happy to say worked fine for me in my existing profile, I use version: of ETS2, Thanks BLiNKT

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