No damage mod Fix


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I made changes and test the file
I try v 1.9.22 and and it works
Please leave feedback

Author: emenen


23 thoughts on “No damage mod Fix

  1. thx emenen, now its work on 1.9.22

    1. When I enable it, it crashes on the loading screen. Can never get pass enabling it. Have ProMods 1.62

    2. Did this mod works on ETS2 v1.10.xx???

    3. How with ETS2 1.10.xx?? It is works??

  2. DAF-Driver

    This Mod is NOT Working i have the
    Pro Mods V1.62 and this Mod crashed my Game !!!

  3. I have tried it with and without promods v1.62 also both with existing and new profile and on all occassions it crashed immediately after enabling the mod.

    using version 1.9.24 of ETS2
    so for me its not working

  4. Yes, there was problem and the game crash
    if you have this problem please download:
    put the zip file in mods folder and check it
    in your profile
    I test with new and old profile and it works with
    latest patch

  5. Dosent work…
    Using version 1.9.24…

  6. Change your game “version”
    It works

  7. its not working in 1.9.24

  8. it still doesn’t work i removed all mods and tried but still crashed don’t download mod

  9. It’s not working for me on
    Can you tell me if it’s just for 1 truck, or what I am doing wrong.. I tried disabling all mods, but that didn’t help..

  10. try this
    backup your \Euro Truck Simulator 2\ folder
    with your profile and mods folder inside
    from your documents folder
    then uninstall the game and delete any remaining files
    restart the computer and install the game and run it
    also make an empty profile to create the folders
    in your document folder
    from your backup folder copy the modes and profiles folders in your new \Euro Truck Simulator 2\ folder
    in your documents
    run the game as administrator and check the mods
    I hope I have help you
    many players don’t have these problems
    please let me know what happens

  11. This Mod is NOT Work is v 1.9.22

  12. This doesnt work with ETS 2 v 1.9.22 for me. My game crashes before loading the main menu. It loads 10% and stops , then crashes to desktop

  13. the link has new file
    I test it with latest patch
    please download and use the new file

  14. I have test it with latest patch and with
    new and existing account
    I put the link also here:

    1. Your last link does work for me with and without mods maps as well as old and new profile.

      Not sure what is different but must admit this one works good for me now.

      Thx emenen 🙂

  15. Hi emenen,
    I have no_damage2.scs and it works perfect with v1.9.22s. I also run TSM 4.7.2 but the map can’t zoom to full extent, so I got zzzzzzzzzzzzzz_mapzoom.scs and it fixed the zoom problem, but it conflicts with no_damage.scs and won’t work together.
    If mapzoom is enabled, no_damage won’t work and vice versa. I’ve tried modding both but I’m no good and no success. Can you please help me or tell me how to fix this problem?

    Tnx Buddy 🙂

    1. hello miguel. I made it and I fix the problem. you need only a single file. you dont need the zoom tool. just dowload the new file from here:
      thanks miguel

  16. Did this mod works on ETS2 v1.10.xx??

  17. Not work on 1.10.xx

  18. Another mod for kiddies, who can’t drive….

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