No dead ends

Tested on 1.30!

Completely removes dead ends and invisible walls, now you can drive through them. Caution, use at your own risk. Because SCS don’t want us to reach this places, it may be dangerous and you often can end up below map. I warned you.

!!! Please don’t edit and reupload without my permission !!!

Enjoy ?

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7 thoughts on “No dead ends

  1. The same as No Road End v3.0 by !!! :

    1. They may do the same thing, but surely they’re not same, his mod is using some textures and materials, mine is using only model and original SCS material, which makes model invisible. But use what you like better 🙂

  2. aah ça c’est sympa ! merci !

  3. Space Cam

    can you make a mod that connect all roads on the map in a way that the road frames are buffed as you go along and can allow the removals of invisible wall on motor ways which allows you to drive anywhere on the map on or off road as one can if there is no guard rail. thanks.

    1. I’m sorry but I can’t do that. It would require a map editor change and lot of work and effort.

  4. wenn schon so eine mod dann auch richtig
    deine mod wirkt nicht in Russian open Spaces verschiebt nur wände

  5. AnarchistGame

    Could you update the mod to 1.40 please ?

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