[NO DLC] Belgium France Border Gas Station Improvement

Belgium France Border Gas Station

Current version: 1.0
Compatible Game version: ETS2 1.31.X
Creator: EG0611
Required DLCs: NONE

This is a new and bigger gas station at the Belgium France border on Calais Duisburg road.



– First Release

EG0611, SCS


5 thoughts on “[NO DLC] Belgium France Border Gas Station Improvement

  1. Hmm, I think you mean the Border on the E17 near Lille ?
    If you mean that Place, there is no Station, only Customs.

    Why no DLC? That means, you can have only the Vanilla-Map ???
    Or it works with the DLC ???
    For me senseless, because the most of the Players (…nearly all) have the DLC´s North, France, East and Italy.

    May be, you can give more Informations.
    Otherwise, a nice and good Idea.

    1. He probably means that no dlc’s are required to use this mod. But you can use it with them with no problem. that’s what I understand.

    2. It means NO DLC is required. I needed to short it out due to character limits. It is a freelancer work that I created for other purpose and I decided to share it.

  2. terry watkins


    1. Don’t use any other download link than sharemods. Also it is 502 kb because it is 502 kb 🙂

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