No Police In The Game [1.31 – 1.32]

With this mod will have no more Police in game.
Will work in any map!
Please inform about bugs/errors. Thank you.

Enjoy it. ?

pamela BalzaK


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9 thoughts on “No Police In The Game [1.31 – 1.32]

  1. Why have these addons? You can turn off Police fines in the Game Play menu.

  2. New account, the same thief!

  3. CristianB

    Why should i download this when i can disable the police in the game? Just…..makes no sense

  4. silly publication

  5. It turns off all of police fines or just only police on the road?

  6. pamela BalzaK

    Just download my mod, its excellent guys. ?

    1. Shut up Thief!

      1. pamela BalzaK

        I’m not a thief, I make good mods, not my fault you cannot do one yourself.

  7. How about 1.33 ??

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