No Police In The Game [1.31 – 1.32]

With this mod will have no more Police in game.
Will work in any map!
Please inform about bugs/errors. Thank you.

Enjoy it. ?

pamela BalzaK


9 Responses to No Police In The Game [1.31 – 1.32]

  1. Razinet says:

    Why have these addons? You can turn off Police fines in the Game Play menu.

  2. zui says:

    New account, the same thief!

  3. CristianB says:

    Why should i download this when i can disable the police in the game? Just…..makes no sense

  4. BATERO65 says:

    silly publication

  5. Pyoter says:

    It turns off all of police fines or just only police on the road?

  6. pamela BalzaK says:

    Just download my mod, its excellent guys. ?

  7. Paulus says:

    How about 1.33 ??

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