No Spoiler Actros MP3

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Bahasa Melayu:

MB MP3 tiada spoiler untuk ETS2 v1.30.xx

cara install:

1. Download
2. Extract file yang download tadi
3. Dah siap extract file yang download tadi, file yang extract tu akan ada file mod berformat .zip
4. Copy file mod berformat .zip ke folder mod [xperlu extract apa2 dah]
5. Enable mod didalam game
6. Selesai

BAGI yang ade guna skin untuk MB MP3 ni, enable dulu mod ni, baru enable skin anda



MB MP3s no spoilers for ETS2 v1.30.xx

how to install:

1. Download
2. Extract the downloaded file
3. The extract file will have a .zip format file
4. Copy the .zip format file to the mod folder [no need to extract the .zip file]
5. Enable mod in game
6. Completed

For those who use skin for MB MP3, enable this mod first, then your skins


SCS, Luqman Mods


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