No Street End Mod 1.32.2 beta

All closed roads will be opened
I hope it works for you with all the maps by default
Put the mod in the mod folder and activate it.
Works on version 1.32
The mod must be above all map mods. If you are using map mods, the mod should be on top of these mods.



3 thoughts on “No Street End Mod 1.32.2 beta

  1. RayFiftyOne


  2. AlexCrazy

    all files in mod from 2013 and 2016 :)) still the same no_dead_end_by_knox, nothing new….

  3. Alexander

    …you know…actually, the idea is not bad, specially for inside of cities…but outside you will fly away from the map if you’ll try to get unblocked road…

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