North Map v 1.6

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Tested on ets2 patch 1.33 and dlc_balt
(works with and without dlc_balt)

Required DLC:
dlc_balt (optional)

Arvika (SWE)
Dombås (N)
Hamar (N)
Kongsvinger (N)
Lillehammer (N)
Molde (N)
Stjørdal (N)
Trondheim (N)
Vestnes (N)

Innovations 1.6:
New city – Stjørdal (small town)
Instead of two, there is a scs_file
Adaptation to patch 1.33
Several improvements
New details
Bugs fixed

Bluetruck (models)
FLD (map assets)

Against fake mods
More and more people are ceasing to create mods because they are being robbed. It’s a lot of work to make a mod and it takes a lot of time. For fake (stolen) mods support can not be guaranteed and the files can be damaged. Before you download a mod, always make sure that you use the original download link. Mods directly from the developers can be found here: . You can also give feedback here, or make suggestions and thus contribute to the further development of the mods.



Respect the original download link.
Copyright © 2018 All RIGHTS RESERVED North Map



17 Responses to North Map v 1.6

  1. John Smith says:

    Could you please be more specific?
    North What? North Skandinavia? North Russia?

  2. Maciej says:

    Witam Zaregon mapy super North What? North Skandinavia? North Russia? popracuj nad Skandywawia i Rosją prosze o plik def scs do wersion 1.6 North Map error nie działa

    • heavygamer70 says:

      Just try it out, one of the best map ever. Still small one, but has a great potential.

    • Zaregon says:

      Cześć Maciej, jest wszystko w jednej scs_file zamiast w dwóch. Stare “def” i “map” nie są potrzebne.

  3. Hoogie68 says:

    Will You make it compatible with Promods?

  4. Zaregon says:

    Hi, thx…;). I am glad that you like my mp. It will not be compatible with promods – Overlapping sectors.

    • hoogie68 says:

      Thanks for the answer Zaregon! 🙂

      I tried to install it along with the Promods map but it crashed. I will try it without then.

  5. VARPUNEN says:

    Hello to all. I ride on this map. very good map. recommend. BEST!!

  6. Marcos Pedro says:

    É compativel com o Promods?

  7. Keke_Krk says:

    Excelent map, thanks!

  8. Garage Lawyer says:

    It hardly makes sense to say that some mod makers are no longer making mods because they’re “being robbed” when they use copyrighted material that they do not have permission to use.

  9. Ole Gunnar Kvislen says:

    can you add Ringebu and Fåvang tath had been cool

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