Norwegen Skin Scania RJL

This skin is maded for scania RJL V2.2
It tested on version of game
respect authors work plese do not reupload

Alexandar Lone Wolf


5 thoughts on “Norwegen Skin Scania RJL

  1. The Simulator Guy YT

    Can You Make Some Real Life Companies?

  2. alexandar_lone_wolf

    Just look trought ets2,lt you will see tham a lot

  3. HI ..can you tell me if this skin works on scania r & streamline by zeeuwse trucker? i see zeeuwse and rjl sometimes working together , but i test other skins and doesn´t work..
    any help are very apreciate ..thnks

  4. Onkel Hugo

    Can You tell me the password of the files please?

  5. pls upload this mod again the download link not working

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