Nürburgring Map v 2.2


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This is a mod which allows you drive around the famous Nürburgring GP Race Track.

Version 2.2:

– Fixed floating terrain
– File size is now much smaller

!! Works with RusMap, ProMods, Physics Testing Map and Brazil map (not tested) !!

Mod is now .zip file so you don’t need WinRAR. Just extract .zip file.

No need a new profile. Works game version 1.15.



13 Responses to Nürburgring Map v 2.2

  1. Maximate says:

    Yeah, file size is now A LOT smaller!

    Your mod folder order should look like this:
    1. Promods
    2. Nürburgring
    3. RusMap, Brazil, etc.

  2. Pezzer says:

    Does it work with TSM please

    • Maximate says:

      If TSM map changes that same area then not. I’m not sure, because I don’t have TSM.

      • LiTaNia says:

        TSM also changes Germany because of Bochum, Essen and so on.

  3. TRJ says:

    Only with promods for now.

  4. Paul says:

    Not working with TSM 5.3… it will destroy some other parts of TSM map 🙁

  5. Paul says:

    Not working with TSM 🙁 it will destroy some parts of TSM map

  6. Audinka Psycho-project.eu says:

    This map working with TSM 5.3 !

    I have this:
    ETS2 1.15.1s
    TSM 5.3.1
    Rusmap 1.4
    Ro map addon
    Nurburing map
    Poznan base

    These all is now running fine 🙂

  7. CYB34 says:

    Wohooooooooooooo can’t wait to try it out tonight!
    I have promods

  8. Leonid says:

    please do map of America.
    for version

    • EJTruckingINC says:

      LOL you will have to wait for ATS to come out i’m afraid as this is Europe map…Cheers!

  9. Theswaff699 says:

    update to 1.22 please

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