odd_fellow’s Engine Sound Mod for Volvo FH 2012


This is Volvo FH 2012 sound mod, it changes the engine sounds.

Install, enjoy.

Tested on version 1.22. Jakebrake problem is now fixed.

Adaptation of my previous FH16 Classic mod.

Please do not reupload, respect my download link.

Author: odd_fellow


25 Responses to odd_fellow’s Engine Sound Mod for Volvo FH 2012

  1. mirxx says:

    Is that the same sound as the FH16 classic?

  2. breizhdave says:

    hello odd_fellow thank you for this great sound

  3. Nikolay says:

    А может за звуки для Камаз 54115 возьмётесь,почти похоже.

  4. lea says:

    thx 🙂

  5. reska says:

    hi.video pls

  6. Piter says:

    thx mate;) work on Fh16 ohaha?

  7. Piter says:

    Thanks:-) good job

  8. dar4eto says:

    This is what should sound diesel engine! Not current SCS #### sounds, like electric bycycle..

    Anyway, i would give some advice for making sound more comfortable
    – Mod is too much loud, so i decreased the sound from files with Audacity.
    – Also make sound more isolated, so it gonna give immersive style, like you driving from cabin.

  9. rjf says:

    your sounds are the best you should ask scs for a job haha keep up the good work

  10. Roman Boldin says:

    I installed this mod but nothing has changed in default Volvo. What is the order to install this mod?

  11. Libra says:

    You will have sound for mercedez mp4?

  12. maxikazz says:

    I can’t get this mod work. Does it work with 1.22.2?

  13. Rahim says:

    Keep’s on crashing at the start of game?

  14. Paulo Oliveira says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxJroZ5VEdE. Video with this sound.

  15. toni says:

    no file… where can i get this sound?

  16. ocastellanosherrera says:

    No File…

  17. Jakiś says:

    PLS give new link!!!! bc when i try download now it says No file…

  18. Bob says:

    Please make a new updated version! i love your mods and this download does not work anymore

  19. Chaminda says:


  20. DL link:

    Google is your friend!

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