odd_fellow’s Engine Sound Mod for Volvo FH16 Classic


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This is Volvo FH16 Classic (2009) sound mod, it changes the engine sounds.

Install, enjoy.

Tested on version 1.22. Jakebrake problem is now fixed.



43 Responses to odd_fellow’s Engine Sound Mod for Volvo FH16 Classic

  1. Terra says:

    As always, the sounds added by @odd fellow, are veritable symphonies.

    Thx mate

  2. CaioPlays says:

    woooooow its a music of truck!!

  3. piva says:

    Странно, но в кабине звук так себе, Хотя снаружи неплох.
    Странно потому что Иван обычно делает более качественно в кабине.

    • odd_fellow says:

      На вкус и цвет, как говорится. Наверное это не финальная версия и будет дорабатываться.


      Tastes differ. Probably it’s not final version and will be improved in the future.

      • piva says:

        Понял. Просто после Аргошки, все остальное уже не так круто. Спасибо.

        • piva says:

          Спасибо, я добавил бас для звука Int и перепелил мод под FH 2012, стало лучше, а то дефолтный звук надоел.

          Thanks, I add bass to internal sound in cabin and rework it to FH16 2012, now for me, sounds good. I hate default sound for 2012 volvo.

          • piva says:

            Иван. Тут просят меня выложить мой вариант мода для 2012. Сделай пожалуйста сам. Я тебя очень уважаю, что бы перебегать тебе дорогу. Спасибо.

          • odd_fellow says:

            Завтра сделаю.

  4. PoolZ_NS says:

    Nice Mod! Like it.

  5. lea says:

    thx 🙂

  6. mstegert says:

    Fantastic Mod for VolvoFH 16 2012

  7. kriechbaum says:

    sounds good.

  8. siako1234 says:

    good good good………………

  9. Drive Safely says:

    Amazing! Finally a good sound mod for the Volvo FH16 2009!!

  10. MrTheflashback says:

    Very nicely done odd fellow!

    I guess you forgot to add credits for paulnice since you used some of his L6 engine sounds in this mod 🙂

    • odd_fellow says:

      Lol, i’ve just downloaded that mod you mentioned. There is c15 folder, back from Argosy and Classic times, and sounds are mine too, even timestamps are the same. So paulnice took the assets for his mod without giving a credit and didn’t even change anything. Go figure.

    • odd_fellow says:

      Or was it someone who remade paulnice’s mod? I’m not sure anymore who did what, anyway those Scania exhaust sounds were taken from base.scs and improved by me.

  11. LadyTrucker says:

    I like this sound. Well done odd_fellow. Can you make sound for the DAF XF Euro 6 and the Iveco Stralis? They both need new sounds.

  12. Piter says:

    can u add this sound for Volvo fh16 2013 ohaha,please:D

  13. breizhdave says:

    hello possible for volvo FH 2012
    thank you

  14. dar4eto says:

    Awesome 😉
    BTW what truck mod is this?

  15. FRANK_WOT says:

    Hi odd_fellow,

    Another great sound mod. Thanks! I really like your other sounds as well.

    Is there any change you’ll update the Cummins 444 sound found in the Peterbilt 379 mod?? That would be a great engine in almost all the other American truck mods.

    Please think about it.

    • odd_fellow says:

      Hi, i haven’t done Cummins 444 yet, just ISX, but i will think about it.

      • FRANK_WOT says:

        That’s great!.

        You don’t have to create a new sound. Just update the existing Cummins 444 sound to sound a bit more realistic and HD.

        Cummins 444 engine can be found in this mod:

        ** I will create mods for the other American trucks to use this engine.

        • odd_fellow says:

          Cummins 444 is fully Kriech’s work, so the only reasonable way is to create a whole new set of engine sounds, i don’t want to use someone else’s mod as a base, it doesn’t seem right to me. I’ll look into it someday, but not soon because new engine always requires different approach and doing the math takes time.

  16. anon says:

    Great sound man! Best one I’ve found yet for the FH16 2009, love it.

  17. stojko says:

    U would tell what truck mod is that or no?

    • odd_fellow says:

      Yes, this is ohaha’s Volvo Classic mod, you can find it on this site.

      • toni says:

        Could you tell me how to get this to work with ohaha classic, because it doesn´t work… tried everything :/

  18. Blaziken777Sverige says:

    Excellent work and very nice mod! 😀

  19. breizhdave says:

    hello not works for volvo fh16 clzssic by ohaha

  20. toni says:

    can´t get it working with fh16 classic by ohaha 🙁

  21. KRINI says:

    Sounds awesome, thank you for that!

  22. toni says:

    I figured it out.. you need to have pendragon version with this. Not ohaha

  23. John says:

    Toni. Which version of the fh16 classic by ohaha are you using? Is it the v15.9 which is the latest version?

  24. breizhdave says:

    hello can update it to 1.23 for volvo classic by peerke ??

    thank you

  25. Piter says:

    Please update for 1.26 😉 thx

  26. Volvo_User says:


    Sound for Volvo fh16 classic by ohaha. Work on 12.6.

  27. lathif says:

    dead link 🙁

  28. EMP says:


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