[Official] Realistic Graphics Mod v 1.8

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Visit the Steam Workshop page for more information and pictures about the mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=699670870
– Completely new sky (Moon available)
– Realistic light flares
– Realistic light reflections
– Realistic light ranges
– Realistic road textures
– Realistic climates
– More vibrant graphics
– Improves game performance
– SGate’s weather mod used in this mod.
❗ Attention ❗ In your graphics settings, High Dynamic Range and Color Correction options must be selected while using the mod.

UPDATE v1.8 Changes;
– Now compatible with ETS2 1.28 update
– Completely new flares
– Improved light reflections
– Improved light ranges
– Removed old terrain textures
– Removed some loading screen images
– Bug fixes

– Don’t edit the mod files without permission.
– Don’t upload the mod to your Sharemods/Modsfile etc. account.
– Don’t change the Steam link while sharing this mod on other sites.
If you do these, will be contacted to the administration of the site you shared/uploaded our mod.

Frkn64 Modding, SGate


16 thoughts on “[Official] Realistic Graphics Mod v 1.8

  1. I haven’t update my game to 1.28 yet, I will however update this spectacular mod.
    little correction: HDR should be ON and color correction should be OFF in graphic settings, otherwise the mod colors will be replaced by color corrections.
    I doubt that this changed in this latest version

  2. is it still compatible for

  3. Piratxxx11

    Yes.. some to ATS.. HDR ON, Color corection OFF 😉 NICE relistic mod 😉

  4. Traffic lights no more working with 1.8

    1. Zoomadake

      yes I have the same problem

    2. yes i m facing same problem

  5. Doesn’t seem to work with Promods.

    1. doch läuft mit ProMods

      Running with promods.

  6. none of the ShareMods downloads are working for me (10 Sep 17) – I get an error ‘LiveAdexchanger.com….’.

    Anyone else have this problem ?

    1. Try relaunching browser

  7. Download doesn’t work. No such file with this filename.

  8. No such file with this filename.

  9. Frkn64-Modding

    Please wait few days. I will share new version of the mod.

  10. Please can you upload this mod on other site ? download from sharemods is 70,0kbs

  11. Link not working

  12. arşiv bozuk yazıklar olsun…

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