USA Trucks by Term99 for all Maps

Pack adds in game, traffic and quick job all trucks from ATS:

Kenworth T680
Kenworth W900
Peterbilt 579
Peterbilt 389

Version of trucks from term99

Kenworth T660
Kenworth T800
Kenworth T600
Peterbilt 378

All standalone, works on any maps. Find in Volvo dealer.

Version 4.0.1 – pack adapted for patch 1.28.

Converting models in the game, and the assembly pack: Term99


ATTENTION!!! Pak is not compatible with mods for other trucks, economy and physics

Update: 20.08.2017
-added truck Peterbilt 378
-add versions of steering wheel braces
-rework all trucks under their own physics
-rework Kenworth w900 (external model, interior, tuning, animation)
-rework Kenworth t800 (external model, interior, tuning, animation)
-rework Kenworth t660 (external model, interior, tuning, animation)
-rework Kenworth t600 (external model, interior, tuning, animation)
-rework Peterbilt 389 (external model, interior, tuning, animation)
-error correction

SCS, Term99


11 thoughts on “USA Trucks by Term99 for all Maps

  1. what do you mean by not compatible with other truck mods? it has always been compatible before. probably not compatible with similar trucks like Kenworth and Peterbilt? that’s normal…
    economy was indeed incompatible before but a little trick, adding USA dealer in economy_data.sii has solved the issue.
    as for physics mods I don’t see the connection since these are personalized by truck’s name.
    please explain further these 3 points. thanks!

  2. miaoumixed


    Thank you very much for this mod.
    Hope it worls fine, testing it right now.


  3. It`s such a beautiful pack,but how can I remove the cabin shake on the Peterbilt 378 ?

    1. remove the physics mod or place the truck mod above

      1. Actually, I had to go into def/vehicle/truck/pete378/cabins and make suspension: true to suspension: false

  4. Kennyworth

    I know it says in the description not to reupload the pack anywhere, but could I port the 378 to ATS as standalone?

  5. update for 1.30.xx !!! best mod!!

  6. hello friend
    can u please update the mod so it is compatible with the latest version of ETS 2 game 1.30 and higher
    thanks, and keep up the good work

  7. young bin jo

    Term 99,I would like to do USA Trucks by Term 99 for all maps at 1.30.
    Please upgrade from 1.28 to 1.30.

  8. bro, can u update it for 1.31? thx

  9. hi do you konw if this mod is skinble and comes with templates to skin it

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