[Official] Realistic Graphics Mod v 1.9 with Addons

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Visit the Steam Workshop page for more information and pictures about the mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=699670870
– Completely new sky (Moon available)
– Realistic light flares
– Realistic light reflections
– Realistic light ranges
– Realistic road textures
– Realistic climates
– More vibrant graphics
– Improves game performance
– SGate’s weather mod used in this mod.
❗ Attention ❗ In your graphics settings, High Dynamic Range and Color Correction options must be selected while using the mod.

– Promods Compatibility Addon and Darker Graphics Addon available in the zip file.

Required Game Version 1.28.X and 1.29.X

v1.9 released. Changes;
– Fixed the file version error of the skybox.pmg.
– Light flares improved.
– Light reflections optimized.
– ETS2’s upcoming 1.29 version support was included.

– Don’t edit the mod files without permission.
– Don’t upload the mod to your Sharemods/Modsfile etc. account.
– Don’t change the link while sharing this mod on other sites.
If you do these, will be contacted to the administration of the site you shared/uploaded our mod.

Frkn64, SGate


5 thoughts on “[Official] Realistic Graphics Mod v 1.9 with Addons

  1. Good job. It looks great, in Promods it works perfectly.

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  3. Je suis moi aussi très satisfait de votre travail et je vous félicite. Je me sens beaucoup plus immergé dans le jeu c’est incroyable ! merci à tous les deux Frkn64, SGate

  4. Hey guys, how do you install this mod? there are folders and files instead of the regular .scs file. thank you in advance

    1. Hello, there are addons that you can use, but the main scs file is there is the first page when you open the .zip file.

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