Old Tailer Skin Mod

Old Tailer Skin Mod
Tested Game Version 1.38
( I Think This Mod Is Completable With All Game Versions)
Unlock at Level 5

Anushka Dilnuwa

DOWNLOAD 6 MB [mirror]

6 thoughts on “Old Tailer Skin Mod

  1. very bad

    1. legolas221

      With the version 1.38 in the description is really bad

      1. Is it possible to want something good from a Russian man?

        1. AiiA:Perchè non commenti la skin? invece di scrivere solo cretinate.

  2. you put a container skin on a trailer with doorwalls
    very realistic bro

  3. AvM Transport

    A container skin on a normal trailer. Ok.

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