OLSF Engine Pack 38 for All trucks + mods

Compatible versions: ETS2 1.34 / ATS 1.34
Supported trucks:

– DAF XF, DAF XF Euro 6
– Freightliner Coronado
– Iveco Hi Way, Stralis, Strator
– Kenworth T680 & W900
– MAN F2000, TGX, TGX Euro 6, TGA
– Mercedes Arocs, Actros MP1-MP4
– Peterbilt 389 & 579
– Renault Magnum, Premium, Range T
– Scania R 2016, Scania S 2016
– Scania R, Streamline, T (SCS/RJL)
– Volvo FH12, FH16, FH, VNL
The OLSF engines pushes the virtual motor controller to the limit, using all parameters available for mods.

– Immediate delivery of maximum torque at low rpm
– Constant delivery of power up to 2500 rpm
– Low internal friction to reduce fuel consumption and improved throttle response
– Very complex torque curve and power parameters calculated realistically
– NEW: Hybrid powertrain with electric drive mode (Only on ETS2).

If you experience issues with this mod, set high priority and buy a new truck.
Engines included:

OLSF V6 Efficiency (Redline: 2000 rpm)
630 HP / 3000 Nm

OLSF V8 Efficiency (Redline: 2000 rpm)
780 HP / 3700 Nm

OLSF V8 Performance (Redline: 2500 rpm)
950 HP / 4500 Nm

OLSF V8 Performance+ (Redline: 2500 rpm)
1200 HP / 5700 Nm

OLSF V8 Hybrid EV (Redline: 2450 rpm)
1200 HP / 5700 Nm – Only available in ETS2
Changelog (38.0):

– Added BETA support for American Truck Simulator. You can use the same mod file in ETS2 1.34 and ATS 1.34.



4 thoughts on “OLSF Engine Pack 38 for All trucks + mods

  1. can you raise engine power? about 2000HP(2500rpm)

    1. E-trucker

      I agree, that we need a powerful version, maybe extreme hybrid. It also feels that it was more porwerful in previous versions, like 36

  2. E-trucker

    I agree. It also feels. that it was more powerful in 36 version

  3. E-trucker

    Yes, we need better acceleration, as electric should have. It was better in 36 version. Now, when I reach 140+ it accelerates very slow on a top engine

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