Onibus Urbano Torino

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You buy at the dealership Mercedes Bus EAA RBR

Author: Lucas




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6 thoughts on “Onibus Urbano Torino

  1. muito bonito…… pena que não pode pegar passageiro nos pontos !!!!

  2. RhastalordTV

    1080p60fps ᴴᴰ Review Video of Bus

  3. AMAZING BUS Lucas! i really love the handing and sounds of it! superb mod! but it still needs some work: pipers dont works, better ligthing on the back and front of the bus, when u sit inside the bus u cant see the folks sitting in it and maybe some other painjob options! but really amazing bus so far! i hope u will keep working on it!

    1. And maybe some kind of location on the top/front of the bus 🙂

  4. hangi galeride çikıyor

  5. Which version of game will support this mod?

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