Opel Astra [1.31]

6 wheels: a4, s5, rs7, astraj, astraj businnes, opc
6 front bumper:
astra k, opc, insignia opc, scirocco r, 2011 astra, 2013 astra
3 rear bumpers
original, diffuser original, opc
1 side skirt
1 spoiler
1 karlik
1 hood mask
3 chassis:
lower back raised
detachable front back plates
cabin dlc
all animations are working
all the mirrors are working and the original sounds

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8 thoughts on “Opel Astra [1.31]

  1. Did you want permission for sharing? I say, no. Remove this content and learn want permission before sharing.

    1. Lol this is my mod, stop pointing fingers at people for stealing even though I made it myself, peasant

      1. TRZPRO, you are a “modder” but don’t stole ANYTHING to the real trzpro, or I know what I will do, but one tip : “Your comp will be destroyed” so stop stoling stuff.

  2. All the cars that are being made these last months are not mods, they are only bad editions of the Skoda. And what a mafia you organized with them!!!! Whoever makes car mods, should do so because he is passionate about ets2, and wants to enrich it with car mods. Not to benefit in a miserable way

  3. Muhkito Afif

    Why not work for me?

    1. Because it’s a stolen mod and NOTHING changed on it, same for game version for use it.

  4. Adrian G.

    Beside your colourful words, this mod won’t accept the latest game version and won’t appear in the list of mods in the Mods manager, well, it does appear in text and icon, but not at the dealers, I mean not a single dealer shows the car.

    This car needs to be fixed soon, it’s a great car, but it’s invisible at the dealers.

    Question; could it be related to the load order in the manager or is it the same anyway ?

    Thank you in advance.

  5. Adrian G.

    Updating my previous statement, after having visited the real author’s download page, I was able to successfully obtain the correct car definitions and the fix which works like a charm, now the car appears at all of the dealers in-game.

    The Astra itself looks stunning, a small suggestion however, having been inside a real colleague’s Astra and actually having seen every detail possible on the steering wheel control bars, there’s a small fix you can apply in future versions, the correct position of the small symbols for cruise control, navigation and whipers, also the smart dialing options and volume control options.

    Besides those, this car can really perform, really perform.

    Keep it up.

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