Open Pipe for all Trucks v 12.0

Bug Fixed

I have seen great support for this new version
It is the better version !
For those who wonder why I downloaded many copies, this is proof of my desire to work and will be counted from one copy to another.
It is new version !
—————– UPDATES ———————
Updated read me.
●Corrected sound engines in stock trucks.
● Add new trucks.
●Edited Coumb in the Turbine for most aggradable drive in game.
●New New trucks.
●New Engine sound
●Add Mult Torque Paccar engines with sound.
●New Transmission Specs.
●All game stock trucks now have engines multi-sounds.
●Stock Engine sounds reworked.
●New Air brake sound
●Corrected No Sound internal cabines on stock engines in stock trucks.
● New HD & Clean Sound
●New Tires sound
●New Winker sound
All SCS Vanilla Trucks
I hope you like it and you have fun with it.
Enjoy it ?



8 thoughts on “Open Pipe for all Trucks v 12.0

  1. Boring!!

  2. Not your mod you are Sina not Frederique

  3. You are sotoler mod four Frederique not for you sina

  4. ελεος ρε φιλε !!

  5. This Person wants only Money, Money, Money.

    And he changed his Tactic to answer to himself:
    He is also:
    – relodal
    – zaruvi
    and some more.

    He tries to take all Users here for ######…

  6. Fabiano Lopes

    No video, so there’s less confidence. Sorry.

  7. Inspectro Gadget

    Are u always use soundmods from other peoples ? All credits go to bobo58
    If u unzip the file u will se that these sounds are exactly the same as the scripts.

  8. how do i restore the sound of the original sound

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