Open Pipe V8 Sound for Scania 4 Series RJL

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Open Pipe v8 sound for scania 4 series RJL.

With crackle

Original sounds from scania v8 crackle kriechbaum

The hawk , Kapitan Kriechbaum , SCS.


6 thoughts on “Open Pipe V8 Sound for Scania 4 Series RJL

  1. Nice, more mature sound! Thumbs up!

  2. Nice 1 can you do this for the new Scania to ???

  3. Terje Lahaug

    Nice sound!Please make it for new scania s and r

  4. fullxpert

    For my beloved fourth series of Scania, the sound has arrived! Thank you from the heart for this wonderful sound.

  5. pleas+update+love+the+mod+:+)

  6. Big T-Trucking

    Can you make an addon mod so we can use it eith the Next Gen Scania ? Obly found not the right sound with a rumble like this one.A addon would be nice Thanks

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