Open Window for Scania Streamline


Open driver window for Scania Streamline – LHD & RHD Variants

Author: MLW


9 thoughts on “Open Window for Scania Streamline

  1. @dr_jaymz

    affects the cabin sound?

    1. Without even trying I can say it doesn’t.

  2. is the window open in the interior camera view? or only exterior?

    1. Open on in and outside 😉

  3. TheMaciek

    Window is still open?If a button is opened?

  4. Is there a MOD to stop the driver from getting wet when it rains?

    Seriously though – Nice MOD dude.

  5. Shogoon1984

    Does it work on Scania R
    And wich Button is it to pull it up or down?

  6. nice mod, but for some reason the gauges become seriously unreadable, like no HD at all…

  7. Wich button???

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