Outside camera zoom


Outside cameraview for ETS2
Works with scania RJL 1.3
now you can see the back of the truck when you press 2 on the keyboard.
even the tandem truck.

credits go to Flemming Vinge from BDF tandempack 33.0


5 Responses to Outside camera zoom

  1. eagle3547 says:

    Hi there where do i find this truck i would like to try this mod.

    • zeeuwse_trucker says:

      This is the scania R/Streamline 1.3 version from RJL.

  2. eagle3547 says:

    Hi,can you able to control the truck from this view when i press no2 it does not go to that view can you advise..

    • zeeuwse_trucker says:

      just use your mouse en scrollwheel to fly around your truck

  3. tBundy says:

    only for Scania?

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