Oversize Load Sign – Final


Final version of mod.

Sign now appears on all trucks EXCEPT FOR Renault Magnum and Mercedes

As with previous versions, the sign replaces the Twister gill in the
upgrade shop.


dbülow, pat6234


6 Responses to Oversize Load Sign – Final

  1. gacie_proroka says:

    also I have the volvo hha only leprze and much more original, please this picture

    • pat6234 says:

      Hi, could you upload to the site please or put a dl link here in comments? I want to use it.

  2. aussietrucker82 says:

    just wondering where can I download this skin from?

    • pat6234 says:

      On World of Trucks, his name is Mike_83, he has a few Australian trailer skins, they’ll be in the comments of the photos.

  3. Andybb3 says:

    Where can i get the HHA Skin

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