Overtaking Allowed


Overtaking Allowed

Additional MOD for https://ets2.lt/en/traffic-density-and-trucks-speed-limits/

This mod make possible overtaking by traffic vehicles on single and double line roads.

Thanks “sunnoco” for idea

Don’t ask me about make this mod for other maps.
When maps will upgrade to 1.19 then mod will be upgraded too.

EAA and MHAPro – closed map mods. Therefore – I can’t upgrade mod for this maps.
ProMODs and TSM – not ready yet for 1.19

Work on default map or default part of map of ProMODS, MHAPro and so on

ETS2 – 1.19 ONLY

SCS, piva


5 Responses to Overtaking Allowed

  1. YeahRaf says:

    Another great mod. Thanks Piva!!!

  2. n00bs says:

    It’s against the traffic rules ad so it makes game more unrealistic.

  3. sunnoco says:

    Where is that country, with those perfect drivers and conditions, N00bs? 🙂 Maybe in Heaven! 🙂 … Just kidding, don’t take it personally. I’m just in a good mood… Now seriously, a little tip for you N00bs: in real life, it’s better to have always in mind that there is always (and, unfortunately, will be!) at least one undisciplined driver and an unpredictable fact. So, always be prepared. In real life, always we’ll find in traffic a few drivers which “avoid” (intentional or not) to obey to those traffic rules. Why? Because, (humans are not a perfect species! Always, be prepared! Better to prevent, then cure!;)… So, for your own safety, don’t keep in mind:”it’s my right and he’s not allowed to do this”, because our life it’s more precious than any rules! ;)… Also, keep in shape your reflexes. To do this, you can use also for training this great driving simulator. If you’ll play this game like in real life, not just as a game (only make many deliveries, grow company etc) then you’ll improve or at least keep in shape your reflexes for real life driving. And, when I said to play like in real life, that mean to: avoid to hit pedestrians (unfortunately, this game doesn’t have this feature); avoid to make any accidents, or crash your truck / car; check the mirrors and use blinker before change the lanes; obey to all traffic rules, but also avoid accident etc. If you’ll use Piva’s mod you’ll find yourself in many hard traffic situations, when your reflexes we’ “save your” life. ;)… You can increase also in def/game_data.sii the rain factor to 20000 and also increase to maximum rain possibility in game and then you’ll find in a real driving situation, when you barely see in mirrors, so you must drive like in real life, more carefully. ;)…
    Keep all these in mind and you’ll be safe in real life driving (not 100%, of course, because, as I said before, there are no perfect situations and conditions!).
    For instance, in game, on country roads, what you shall do if you’ll see a truck / car overtake you in a bend on continuous line (or double line) and suddenly the other car / truck came in front of you? Also, you have a crash barrier on road and your speed it’s legal, 90 km/h, for that sector of road? ;)… What’s your fast decision to avoid an accident or trying to minimize it, without loosing human life?… In real life, the undisciplined driver will “cut your car’s face”, so 99% you’ll hit him or the other car / truck from opposite lane, if you weren’t carefully. ;)… Luckily, in this game, the AI traffic crash each other, but they avoid to “cut your car’s face”.;)…But, it’s a good practice also…
    So, my advice N00bs, it’s to use Piva’s mod, because will improve your driving skills. ;)…

    P.S. Btw, Piva, good job and EAA map it’s not a closed project. ;)… I just spoke with creators on scs forum and they informed me that they not closed the project.;)… Anyway, you can’t modify the road_look.sii from EAA, because it’s an encrypted file. ;)… But, ONLY for your personal use, you and change the road_look.sii for other add-on maps, that works together: TSM, Turkey, MHA.;)…
    Good luck and keep up the great and hard work, Piva.

    • piva says:

      MHA and ProMODS uses road_look.fld.sii – poland rebuilding uses own file and so on – to get overtaking effect – I need all contents of file. But currently no one map don’t have rod_look.sii in new format.

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