Traffic Density and Trucks Speed Limits

Traffic Density and Trucks Speed Limits

Mod Update by users requests

Upgrading from previous mod

Traffic mod update
All trucks have trailers.
Adjusted coefficients of vehicle amount at night, early morning and late evening.
Reduce buses amount.
Reduce patience. so traffic cars make overtake more often.
Don’t add aggresive cause I dont want driving among kamikadze

Trucks Speed Limits
This is standalone and optional mod. Ready for use with ProMODs.
1.19 now make separate values of country speed limits for cars, buses and trucks.
This Mod Increase only truck speed limit up to 90 kmph on autobahn (highway) for all the countries except UK.
In UK speed limits 60-65 mph. If trucks can drive on this speed.
All other speed limitation by signs stay the same.
At first I don’t want make this mod, but when testing I like it more and more.
Let’s try. It give you game some lot of enjoy.

Both mods for 1.19 ONLY

Author: piva


60 Responses to Traffic Density and Trucks Speed Limits

  1. Elitesquad Modz says:

    Thnx Piva!!

  2. nuls says:

    Please link ProMods mod.

  3. Alex says:

    she not working trucks no trafic ..alone on the road

  4. Darren says:

    UK speed limit for trucks is 60mph on motorways mate, highway code says 40 on country roads but we do 50 maximum which is some how legal to the police lol

    • piva says:

      Users ask increase truck speed – it not real life it is a game.

      • Darren says:

        i noticed that when i get the first ETS lol i was just saying, calm down. nice work though, i like the mod

  5. Dennis says:

    Thank you Piva.
    Even if its much traffic, you made a good flow in the ai πŸ™‚

    Drove in France with your rain mod, flare mod and this.
    Great work

  6. wegger says:

    Thank you piva! Spassibo Tovarishch!

  7. Helmax says:

    Thanks. Good to see traffic in the night time. πŸ™‚

    • piva says:

      I’ve been doing this mod for a long time

      • Elitesquad Modz says:

        And the result is there!! Awesome but I shall reduce the max bus spawm to 4 in stead of 6. It is still a bit to much.

  8. Disg says:

    Please link ProMods map, I don’t see it on google.

  9. asddas says:

    Please link ProMods mod, I don’t it on Google

  10. Willy says:

    1000 X THANKS piva
    You have made a realistic and very good AI traffic mod .
    the AI was #### after the latest SCS update .
    you don`t bring it back to normal but to super .

    many thanks for this great mod .

  11. Jupie says:

    Hallo, Leider habe ich immer noch kein 1.19 installiert weil ich mit dem Promods map 1.95 spiele. Ist da noch ein 1.18 version?

    Hello, Pitty that I still don’t have version 1.19, this is because i’ve also the Promods map 1.95. Is there also a 1.18 version of this mod?

  12. sunnoco says:

    Excellent mod, Piva! Rush hour!:) Now, we must be very caution when driving, like in real life, which is awesome!:)… Thank you so much for sharing and keep up the great and hard work, Piva.

    P.S. Just a little tip for your next patches:
    If you’ll add also in def/world/road_look.sii (allow_wrong_way “” to every country roads with continuous / double line), then, entire AI will have a behavior like in real life (undisciplined drivers): they will overtake you even on double line. ;)… Of course, this is just a tip and an option… It depends on each person’s taste! ;)… Also, this option (to overtake us on those lines) it’s only for ETS 2 default map. For add-on maps combined (EAA, TSM etc), this modification must be done for each “road_look_whatever_name_they_have.sii” from those maps. Otherwise, the AI traffic, at continuous / double lines will be so obedient.. ;)…

    • piva says:

      If you all this know, why you don’t not make a mod ?
      Many MAPS closed such as MHA, EAA and so on.
      Now will test this of ProMODS.

      • piva says:

        For each MAP need separate file πŸ™

        • maddison says:

          This is how modders will become slave of their own work πŸ˜€

          Sounds interesting πŸ˜‰

  13. zoso says:

    Good work friend and works with all pack Jazzycat (on my game)
    thanks Piva

  14. tripple8 says:

    I don’t like all trucks have trailers, I prefer 90% have trailers but I know how to change it so no problem good mod.

  15. Oldnobbi says:

    Thank you Piva . you did a great job !!!

    Keep on going dude !

    Regards Oldnobbi

  16. zbyszek300 says:
    This verse there are very good works on 1.19 grams me on it.

  17. diesel says:

    Please do to work with Mario Map 10.2 (1.18, 1.19)

  18. Maks-80 says:

    Thank you!

  19. Richard says:

    This tiny mod has made a huge difference to my enjoyment of the game and is what ETS2 should have been in the first place. 3 lanes of traffic on the motorway and a real pain in the city with a wide load, excellent. I’m using the previous version and it suits me fine. I actually like watching the traffic from a lay-by, (how sad). All Jazzycats mods are installed.


  20. Rodrick says:

    There is no way to trucks passing other trucks on motorways ?

    PS : Sorry my English , translated by google.

  21. Eduardo says:

    works on the map EAA Brazil?

  22. Rodrick says:

    OK sorry! Great mod , thank you and congratulations!

  23. maddison says:

    Well done Piva, Thanks!

  24. Luchy says:

    Is it compatible with ProMods?

  25. ianb says:

    Very very good mod thank you Piva

  26. BUBU says:

    Hey Piva first of all thank you for you amazing mod:) i like it so much but i have some problem with ai truck speed. Sometimes their speed like 70-75 km. I use jazzycat painted truck v1.9 and jazzycat painted truck v2. and promods. I have another question the ai trucks they overtake our truck? because ai trucks which behind me they just follow me not overtake. Could you help me please about it?

    • piva says:

      This mod change speed limit – not truck engine, if truck can’t drive on this speed – his drive as can.
      Overtake – that another MOD

      And overtake NOW work on default map or part of map from default map.
      On other map road overtake not allowed untill maps not update to 1.19 road define

      • BUBU says:

        Thank you for your answer. As i told you i think this mod is the best one. Just i wanted ask overtake situation because i drive 85km and i didnt see it. i was thinking maybe i use wrong mod which is effect to your mode for overtake. Thank you so much again πŸ™‚

        • piva says:

          Overtake may on local (country) road only on some roads and if traffic can overtake, may be your traffic car can’t drive on biggest speed.
          Try to go with slow speed – that to see overtake

  27. maverick says:

    does it work with poland rebuilding? πŸ™‚

  28. Miki says:

    Is this mod better than Next Traffic Mod by piva?

  29. Ju Zi says:

    θ°’θ°’piva。 Thanks

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