Overweight trailer pack


Overweight trailer pack include Tank, Excavator and other trailers.

Author: TiraFina


8 Responses to Overweight trailer pack

  1. DanielR says:

    Hey man you shouldn’t be modding because my game started to crash many times right after I downloaded this mod. If its my computer its my computer, if its your mod, well then we have a problem buddy.

    • HighwayEagle says:

      Works fine for me. I can even remove this mod from my game and it still doesnt crash my game because it only replaces in-game trailers.

    • playstationmanrocks says:


  2. Bob Vila says:

    This was already posted a few days ago. What’s the difference?

  3. TomaSis says:

    works fine for me I just dont like the colour its so unreal and make a bad contrast with the game, its a shame that the colour dont look realistic

  4. lolmofo says:

    I am with you TomaSis

  5. ivanssss says:

    These trailers look like toys…

  6. V. says:

    good idea, but look childish… THE BIG CARGOS are 4 real men, not 4 boys đŸ™‚

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