Own Trailer of the Amazon

Own trailer with the amazon logo. At the moment it is only available in a single model of trailers to choose (single trailer)
Later I’ll add in more trailer models, I’m still learning in this new trailer feature itself.
I hope you like it, thanks
Do not re-upload

Maryjm, Scs


5 thoughts on “Own Trailer of the Amazon

  1. Golden Modding

    Impossible to download tons of ads.
    But great mod anyway

    1. I’m sorry that ads are coming out.
      I’m glad you like the mod

    2. maryjm please upload big pack trailers for v 1.33 you very best please marym30 merry christmas?

  2. Mangaed to download the Mod after bypassing a fair few adverts

    Great Mod all the same.

    I would suggest if you upload any further Mods to use Sharemods, Less adverts and easier to download 😉

    Great work all the same look forward to more Mods!

    1. I’m glad you like it.
      I had some problems with sharemods, so now I use modsfire

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