Ownable Overweight Trailer Wielton NJ4 v 1.0

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Ownable overweight trailer Wielton NJ4.
Advanced coupling.
Cables simulation.
8 overweight cargo.
2 chassis variants.

Tested on version 1.32.x and 1.33.x beta.

Ice Flames, Jazzycat

DOWNLOAD 24 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 24 MB [Modsbase]

18 thoughts on “Ownable Overweight Trailer Wielton NJ4 v 1.0

  1. great+trailer+but+no+loads

  2. mstfcbngl

    there is no cargo for ownable trailer.

  3. work with Trailers And Cargo Pack 7.4.1 ?

    1. scania_dragon

      No loadings! Even after two breaks…. Please fix!!

    2. Does it work with 7.4.1 then?

      1. Yes.

  4. hello there is only the empty trailer without loads!!!!!!!

  5. tunning6000

    amazing job,thanks

  6. Keine Fracht im Ladunds Markt

  7. there is no cargo
    please fix


  8. Good Trailer, but for owned there are no Cargo.
    Would be kindly to fix it.

  9. Sorry. On version 1.32 not works. Only 1.33. Will be fixed soon.

    1. Awesome look forward to it

  10. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

    1. that’s great are you running 1:32 or 1:33

  11. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.33..


  12. Yes,+there’s+no+possible+cargo+to+load+on+the+trailer+(checked+on+ETS2+1.32)

  13. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.33

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