Ownership Tipper + Mixer Trailer For Multiplayer

You can play Multiplayer with this trailer.
You can buy this trailer
You cannot customize this trailer or the mixer will disappear.
Bu Dorse ile multiplayer oynayabilirsiniz
Bu Dorseyi satın alabilirsiniz
Bu dorseyi özelleştiremessiniz yoksa mikser gider.



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4 thoughts on “Ownership Tipper + Mixer Trailer For Multiplayer

  1. What a s.h.i.t ??‍♂️?

  2. how can you say is for MP when it is not tested in 1.35 MP

  3. I’ve seen your other uploads as well, those were not excactly a must have on this page, but this tops it all ####, this is just useless..

  4. Riabadibbl

    Better you stop modding, cause no one needs such big bullshit.
    Pls better you play an other game!

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