Paccar Stock Sound Mod for the Peterbilt 387


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Hi all,
American truck is coming soon. So it’s time to prepare the game with alternative sounds…
Today i share with you a Paccar sound mod for the new Peterbilt 387.

This mod adds two Paccar engines in the shop, and of course, you need one of them to have the sound.
There’s a second mod if you liked it in the video : a wind sound, this sound file comes from my friend odd_fellow, i just edited it a little bit to my toast.
Respect the priority list for the mods :
– Wind sound (if you use it).
– My sound mod.
– Then after the truck, in third position.

Sounds must always be ABOVE the truck in the list.

There’s also a wind sound mod in the video’s description if you liked it in the video.

Video :

Happy new year !!!

Author: Kriechbaum


5 thoughts on “Paccar Stock Sound Mod for the Peterbilt 387

  1. Kriechbaum,спасибо за мод.Очень хороший звук,плавный.

  2. Nice sound!

  3. sounds amazing love it n ty

  4. RetroSpectre

    Are the default sounds still a apart of it too?

  5. Love this sounds! Much better than the original! I use this mod with ATS and works fine! Thanks for your work!

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