Pack 10.3 compt. Trucks with Powerful 10.3

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Pack 10.3 compt. Trucks with Powerful 10.3

Ahead thank you to all authors creators of these wonderful trucks.
The trucks included in this pack are all compatible with the engine mod; Pack Powerful Engines + Gearboxes v 10.3.

All engines and gearboxes work with the trucks in this pack.

The pack includes:
– Scania 164L + Krone Trailer
– SCANIA R700 2017
– Scania R500 V8 HCN Fixed
– Scania 1 Series v 2.0 (1.26)

Credits of each of the creators of each model:

Scania 164L + Krone Trailer

Krone Edit:Serhat Pamuk
Scania 164l Edit:BurakTuna24
SCANIA R700 2017

SCS, Au44, Anatoli
Scania 1 Series v 2.0 (1.26)

Autors: SHOOFER, Mahyar.Gh, Gustavo Siebel,
Ariaei group pc, Amir mahdavi, Federico Cardinali,
Adaptation for 1.26 – Phantom94, vovangt4
Scania R500 V8 HCN Fixed


Credits of trucks:
In the description.

In the description of mod.


2 thoughts on “Pack 10.3 compt. Trucks with Powerful 10.3

  1. Podias poner el pegaso troner para la 1.26 ya que lo tienes en tu pack de motores.

  2. Aleksandro

    Hi! Have you checked mod Scania R700 mats for errors, bugs accessories, camera errors , Streamline and R in cabins of error occurred?!!! In the def folder, only one folder needs to be vehicle and all folder camera should not even be because she is in the game and every pack is updated. Oh yeah I forgot You did the Manifesto have updated everything I think will work the mod with no errors!

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