Pack buses Mexicanos ETS2 y ATS


This is a gift courtesy of our friend Frekor moral
I also leave the def to operate the buses, bought in Scania, the 9800 Peterbilt (ATS)

Irizar i5 ETS2
Irizar i6 ETS2
Dina Avante ETS2
Volvo 9800 ATS
Busscar VIssta Bus Hi ETS2

Tryed buses in versions for ETS2 from 1.20



11 thoughts on “Pack buses Mexicanos ETS2 y ATS

  1. Mods crash

  2. is this mod for ets2 or ats?….tryed buses in ver from 1.20?….we just hit 1.25…..a video would be nice.

  3. i+bus+non+vanno++bene++poi+quando+fatte+un+bus+iveco+?

  4. In+ets+2+dont+work

  5. 1.20?

  6. daniel bryan

    really , 1.20?…. update your game -_-

  7. 1.20? are you joking?

  8. Ocupp descargar el juego ¿como lo hago?

  9. Muy buen juego felicidades

  10. Los+gradicos+son+excelentes+podrian+meter+mas+ruta+de+cuidad+de+México+a+otros+destinos.

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