Pack de 10 Motores potentes + 14 transmisiones


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Given that some were becoming obsolete, I modified a number of engines adapted to this new batch of the game.
Some, like the case of the Volvo, I have not found the solution but in this new version, if the engines for Volvos are added, the sound ends bugueandose even when you remove or disable the mod.
I still recommend to take copies of the profiles and keep them apart. I had no problem with the mod as it has been, and I’ve tried every one of the engines and transmissions. More than anything the security copy as usual.

Engine specifications:

The engines range from 600 to 3900 hp. In the following range:

– 600 Cv
– 700 Cv
– 800 Cv
– 900 Cv
– 1400 Cv
– 1900 Cv
– 2400 Cv
– 2900 Cv
– 3400 Cv
– 3900 Cv


– 3 Boxes of 6-speed transmissions, one with retarder.
– 1 Box 10-speed transmissions.
– 2 Boxes of 12-speed transmissions, one with retarder.
– 2 Boxes of 13-speed transmissions, one with retarder.
– 1 Box 15-speed transmissions.
– 1 Box 18-speed transmissions.
– 3 Boxes of 21-speed transmissions, one with retarder.
– 1 Box 22-speed transmissions.

Author: Rockeropasiempre

File Weight: 511 Kb.

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5 Responses to Pack de 10 Motores potentes + 14 transmisiones

  1. christophe says:


  2. Huliu says:

    That sound agressive on Scania don’t work at me. Can you please make work those parts on Scania R RJL ???

  3. grandpa says:

    NFS !!

  4. Greg says:

    Scania R RJL ???

  5. rockeropasiempre says:




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