Pack Schmitz ProfiLiner “Airlines Company” Standalone


Tested in version 1.11.x
Aeroflot, Air France, Alitalia, American Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Balkan Airlines,
British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Cargolux, Croatia Airlines, Czech Airlines,
Hungarian Airlines, Iberia, KLM, Lithuanica Airlines, Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, SAS

Trailer: Bora Huckepack
converted by Matdom1988
skin Fred_be


16 thoughts on “Pack Schmitz ProfiLiner “Airlines Company” Standalone

  1. John Snuh

    The fact that you’ve included credits with this mod pack is worthy of recognition, you accused me of only being able to criticize but I think this is an opportune moment to prove you wrong..

    Nice clean skin pack, made all the better by the inclusion of proper credits, Well done Fred I hope this is now a continuing trend for you 🙂

    (I know the mod is still locked, one step at a time eh.)

    1. John,I can make trucks or cars in 3ds max. Can you convert to ETS2? my mail: [email protected]

      1. John Snuh

        In-gaming from a bare model is a lot of work and I’ll openly admit something I’ve not yet tried, I would imagine that I can do it as I’ve practically rewritten definitions for trailers and trucks from the ground up but unfortunately I haven’t got the time to commit to such a project at this time, sorry 🙂

        1. No problem, John! I understand. You are a serious person. I wish you success!!

  2. Again password? Why?

  3. Merci, Fred! Excellent travail!

  4. matdom1988

    oui tu veux passer de 3ds a ets2 avec blender

    1. Yes! But I do not know how. But I know you can!

  5. djovak njoković

    Fred, can you do skins of logistics companies for these trailers eg. dhl, waberers, bring, trans cargo, omega pilzno, lkw walter, etc. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  6. any one please give me link for patch 1.11 ?

  7. Nice pack.

    What about more JUMBO KRONE trailers?

  8. matdom1988

    If you want me to help you, just contact me on

    1. John Snuh

      I think you mistyped the url matdom (you left out the “n”)

  9. Scaniadriver

    longer time ago skinned something for ets 2 but if you want i can bring it on when finished

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