Pack Volvo FH 2012 Tandem (25 meters) V1.28

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Update for Version 1.28.Xs
– Trailers are standalones
– All trailers are compatible with this tandem
– The truck is included in the pack
– Advance coupling

* Respect the download link *

Tandem: Flemming V.
Trailer: Nabil
Skin: Fred_be


19 thoughts on “Pack Volvo FH 2012 Tandem (25 meters) V1.28

  1. password+?

    1. can u gives me the pass?

  2. What is the password?

  3. Password ?

  4. Password+??

  5. No need for password. You put the .zip file in the MODS folder

    1. Hasinabota

      HI! i need to insert my personnal skin in the truck but when i extract, need password? cant you give me please!
      thanks a lot

  6. crash?

    1. it will if you drive on the wrong side…

  7. Killzone Vinc

    Zip ist not included in ETS2

  8. Mod is not working. need it other mods to work ? THX

    1. problem fixed.. have a nice day 😉

  9. Works great! Thanks, its nice!

  10. I get only 1 option for the box, I have the tandem mod enabled, any fix ?

  11. Crashes the game immediately when selecting any of the tandem chassis.

  12. I+have+just+installed+this,+just+move+the+downloaded+file+(as+is)+to+the+mod+folder,+I+have+no+issues+at+all+using+it.

  13. password

  14. ErrorMerror123

    I ask for password because I can not otherwise imskinnen wanted to make company skin but unfortunately no success

  15. it requires the password

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