Pack Volvo FH 2012 Tandem (25 meters)

Pack Volvo FH 2012 Tandem-2 Pack Volvo FH 2012 Tandem-1 Pack Volvo FH 2012 Tandem-3

Tested Version 1.18.x
Trailers are standalones
All trailers are compatible with this tandem
The truck is included in the pack

Tandem: Flemming V.
Trailer: Nabil
Skin: Fred_be

* Respect the download link *


45 Responses to Pack Volvo FH 2012 Tandem (25 meters)

  1. Emil says:

    not good enough

  2. evox says:

    need 2 axles for this

  3. zoso says:

    Ciao Fred-be

  4. Fred_be says:

    It runs great with 3 axles
    zoso ?

  5. DylanEvrard says:

    compatible with ohaha mods?

  6. 06_Jenia_99 says:

    A good mod, but the link does not work for me. Share a link to MEGA please, thank you

  7. Toni says:

    Looks bit funny

  8. Goktugmen says:

    I’m begging you do this for all trucks or at least few others. Great mod challenging and looks awesome!!

    • Craig says:

      The original author of this truck FlemmingV is considering making this part of his BDF Tandem pack so that it can be used with other trucks.

  9. Goktugmen says:

    Begging you do this for all trucks at least a few more. Great mod challenging and awesome!!

  10. Fred_be says:

    lol Hello zoso 🙂
    How are u ?

  11. vel800 says:

    Thank you very much! Very good mod! If, for him to add more double trailers!

  12. George Smith says:

    Dromedary trucks are exist but very rare in Europe…

  13. nportegies says:

    Trailers are nowhere to be found, not even sleep after three nights. Game stopped and started and nowhere no trailers

  14. Fred_be says:

    I have no problem

  15. Lucas says:

    How dose one use the trailers shown in pictures 2 and 3?

  16. 06_Jenia_99 says:

    Share a link to MEGA please, thank you

  17. DesignX says:

    Can u make it for scania 2? 🙂

  18. Fred_be says:

    It’s only for Volvo fh2012

    • Evox says:

      Try to work on this and make TRUCK + DOLLY + TRAILER Fred_be, i dream to pass on 25m / 50tons but SCS is lazy, would be dreamy at all
      thanks by advance

      • Lucasi says:

        The game don’t support the dolly. Thats why it hasnt been done yet

        • evox says:

          i’ve seen vids 3 axels with 2 Dolly saying it’s ETS2, nut who know…
          even 18m / 2 axels trucks could be already in ETS2.

          thanks for reply

  19. asad says:

    can you make a road train

  20. 06_Jenia_99 says:

    thank you

  21. Heinrich_Segelke says:

    I activate that Mod in the Game but it not runs (i do not the Trucks fom that mod in my game)! What can I do?

  22. Fred_be says:

    I have no problem to drive on the map and DLC

  23. MirmoZibang says:

    Where is the loooong chassis tandem ?? I can’t find it HELP PLEASE !!

  24. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Here is one of the trucks in action doing a long delivery while I was in the process of trying out a previously released map/map addon…..
    Also, added a few accessories/sounds from other trucks to see what it would look/sound like.

  25. denniss987 says:

    do you use the Original sound of Volvo? ore do you use an open pipe mod? if you use an open pipe can you link it

  26. Gulak says:

    Can you make a really dolly.Like a NÄRKÖ DOLLY.

  27. maxime says:

    bonjopur serai til possible de me creer un skin par rapport az ma societer coordialement

  28. David says:

    DC here. Excellent mod. Thank you very much. I am thoroughly enjoying cruising in these combos and as i’m taking a much needed break from skinning! Currently in the middle of a long haul and plan on taking on some more after that. 🙂

  29. Scania and Volvo says:

    Please do to scania to would be awesome plssssss ! Great mod

  30. Finnish gye says:

    All finish trucks all like that

  31. Trucker John says:

    when i choose the tandem option for the wheels it wont show the box?
    And also i dont have the real brands for the trailers, please help?

  32. Chen says:

    Doesn´t work with 1.22.23

  33. thijs1239 says:

    How do i skin this truck please help!!

  34. R says:

    Doesn’t work after update 1.25.2

  35. HappyF says:

    MOD is stuck on only BLG trailer ,, how to get ups or other trailers in job market ??

    thank you

  36. manuel says:

    hello fred listen to something your truck mod volvo tandem 25 m eurotrucksimulator 2 does not go with version 1.31x ne with version 1.32 which is now in beta then surely go out in a stable version could you solve the problem of steering? because it steers only the first axis and not the second and last at the bottom of the truck in the configuration 10×8 if needed I leave you my email that in case I send you the screenshots or the video I look forward to your answer

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