Paintable dirty Skin 1.1 for DAF XF 105

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This is supposed to be a dirty/muddy skin for the DAF XF 105. The base color is paintable.

Version 1.1 – fixed skin being gloss, the dirt on the skin doesn’t reflect anymore. (thanks for pointing this out Andrei rRRr and Mr GermanTruck!)


I heavily recommend to use vad&K’s DAF mod.

Have fun! ?



4 thoughts on “Paintable dirty Skin 1.1 for DAF XF 105

  1. For me the dirt it’s still gloss on SCS DAF ;c

    1. TheNuvolari

      Oof. I edited the .mat files though. Have you tried XF 105 mods?

      1. Yes I have vad&k mod but not installed because it errors my
        game (1.37)

        1. TheNuvolari

          Were you using the latest version? It might be because you were using a version not compatible with 1.37. After he updates it to the latest patch. It might not crash, but the culprit could be my skin too, because it was made for 1.36.

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