Paintable dirty skin for Krone Megaliner by Sogard3

This is supposed to be a dirty/muddy trailer skin. I’ll try to make it more realistic with later updates. The base (curtain) is paintable, you can change it to whatever color you want.

I strongly recommend to remove the reflections of the curtain with the following mod:

Tested on 1.36.

Have fun! 😀

Sogard3, TheNuvolari


7 thoughts on “Paintable dirty skin for Krone Megaliner by Sogard3

  1. Octavian101

    Awesome work, your skin trailer mod looks nice 😀

    1. TheNuvolari

      Thanks, was worried that it doesn’t look realistic enough!

  2. how can i get the wheels like in the photo ?

  3. Thanks bro ^^

    1. TheNuvolari

      Have fun man!

  4. Personally, it looks more like a forest or shrubbery to me than a ##### trailer…
    Especially on the 1st trailer where it’s like a b/w photo. (:

    1. (the censorship #### is “d i r t y”)

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