Painted BDF Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v8.0.1

Pack adds in traffic 547 BDFs with 980 skins of real companies.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Tested on 1.38.x
Compatible with all my packs.

Version 8.0.1 – pack adapted for patch 1.38.x


DOWNLOAD 362 MB [mirror]

4 thoughts on “Painted BDF Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v8.0.1

  1. @JazzyCat

    [traffic_trailer] Invalid collision bounding box! (/vehicle/trailer_eu/tandem_jazzy/cool_2kr/dolly.pmd)

    guess I have most of the packs updated, haven’t search for the specific one as it doesn’t crash the game …

    1. the error is real and although it does not crash the game it’s very terrible because none of the trailers with dolly will spawn at all! I mentioned the error on the other pack Ai trucks, where Jazzycat included also one dolly wood trailer in traffic and that do not work neither.
      interesting is that Jazzycat did not change anything in the PMGs so if this is an error from SCS and trailers with dolly no longer works it’s clear that I go back to 1.36 :))

    2. ok problem comes from the dolly.pmc and jazzycat can fix this in blender in a few seconds 😉

  2. Ghostrider-67

    Why do not you still not update the Bus Traffic Pack, and why did you remove it from your website’s ETS-2 Traffic section bro ?

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