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10:30 25/10/2016


ATTENTION: I recommend to start with new profile. Set it with the heighest priority. You can use this mod with other maps now (e.a. TruckSim, MHAPro and others not just with ProMods).

Mod have been tested with ETS2 v.1.25.3s + Project Balkans 2.12 + ProMods 2.11 + RusMap 1.6.3.

Credits: Pardubak and SCS. Picture is from Alexas_Fotos




Bank Data:

– period of time for bank loan repayment:
100 000,-€ payed in 104 weeks (2 years), (7% interest rate = 148,-€/day)
200 000,-€ payed in 156 weeks (3 years), (5.5% interest rate = 199,-€/day)
350 000,-€ payed in 208 weeks (4 years), (4% interest rate = 261,-€/day)
500 000,-€ payed in 260 weeks (5 years), (2.5% interest rate = 293,-€/day)
– added insurance data

Economy Data:

– truck refund is 65% of original price
– small garage costs 110 000,-€
– garage upgrade costs 70 000,-€
– productivity plan for:
tiny garage is 5 000,-€
small garage is 30 000,-€
large garage is 60 000,-€
– fuel discount in your garage is 25%
– abandoned job fine is 3 000,-€
– cargo damage cost is -3,-€ per 1% of damage
– cargo damage cost factor is -2% of total cost penalty per 1% of damage
– driving time: 10.00 Hours
– sleeping time: 09.00 Hours
– AI drivers make positive income (does not lead to bankrupcy)
– hired driver basic salary is cca 83,-€ per day (30 295,-€/year) + 0,25€/km revenue
– driver hire cost is 500,-€
– skill distance limits have been changed
– when you buy your own truck your salary is going raise to cca 120,-€ per day
(43 800,-€/year) + 0,40€/km revenue

Experience Bonuses:
– XP penalty for late delivery is set to 40%
– XP penalty for damaged cargo is set to -4XP per 1% of cargo damage

– XP bonus for perfect delivery is set to 19%
– XP bonus for ADR delivery is set to 16%
– XP bonus for important delivery is set to 15%
– XP bonus for urgent delivery is set to 25%
– XP bonus for fragile delivery is set to 17%
– XP bonus for long distance delivery is set to 20%
– XP bonus for valuable delivery is set to 13%
– XP bonus for parking is set to 45XP
– XP bonus for cargo delivery is set to 50XP per 100km
– XP bonus for free roam is set to 25XP per 100km

– XP damage cost is -3XP per 1% of cargo damage
– XP damage cost factor is -2% of total XP per 1% of cargo damage

Police Data:

500,-€ car crash
350,-€ avoid sleeping
100,-€ wrong way
120,-€ speeding (camera)
120,-€ no lights during night
120,-€ red lights
120,-€ speeding

Special Event Data:

– you can take your first loan and start your business after 2 jobs
– levels (Lv) for credit rise (CR):
Lv2=CR = 300 000,-€
Lv7=CR = 600 000,-€
Lv12=CR = 1 000 000,-€
Lv17=CR = 1 500 000,-€
– first dealer is unlocked after 20 mins

Pardubak, SCS and Alexas_Fotos


4 Responses to Pardubak’s Economy Mod v 1.4

  1. intrahol says:

    what is the priority of this mod? how correctly to arrange?

    • pardubak says:

      Set it with the heighest priority. First place in your mods.

  2. Brian Han says:

    Is this the most realistic mod I can get to, since I want my game as realistic as possible. Also, for the garages and fines, is that 2016 fines irl.



  3. Bojan says:

    one question,you can make longer distance for all level category, change time for delivery because have heavy or long trailers where cant going faster of 70km/h and (or) when coming road where cant going faster of 60 km/h. Just to be like the original economy mode in the game just change your prices for delivery.

    Thanx 🙂

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