Paris Rebuild v 2.3

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This mod rebuilds Paris.

Key Features
New roads built
Closed roads rebuilt and opened
Three additional companies
Vegetation removed from Paris & Poissy revealing the buildings and skylines
Directly connects Porte de Bagnolet, Poissy and Gonesse
RATP buses added to Paris city traffic
Increased traffic density (Paris only)
GPS no longer avoids road going into centre of Paris

Compatibility Latest Version: 1.31

France DLC required

Place above other maps in Mod Manager

Also compatible with Promods, TSM, MHA, RusMap & others

Changes in v2.3
Missing map sector data included
Vegetation errors fixed
More RATP in traffic and far less other buses



12 thoughts on “Paris Rebuild v 2.3

  1. ElvisAmorimGA

    Você não se cansa de inovar e eu de admirar seu belíssimo trabalho Grimes, sucesso e vamos que vamos.


    1. Muito obrigado!

  2. What i brilliant Job you did. I like it very much.

    1. Thank you 🙂


    1. Thanks!

  4. patrice sabourault

    Très réussi bravo, pour ma part je trouve qu’il y a trop de camion poubelle, même si je diminue le nombre d’AI
    Cordialement et encore bravo.

    1. Si tu ouvre les fichiers et traffic_rules.parissub.sii et supprime additional_rules []: traffic_rule.s_truck_c_u qui réduira le nombre de camions poubelle. C’est quelque chose que je vais réparer dans le futur.

      1. patrice sabourault

        Merci du conseil.

  5. SheerSquirrelTV

    Thanks for a fantastic mod yet again, your work is always appreciated. My video of it is above 😛

  6. Hi, there are far too many refuse/garbage trucks being spawned here, otherwise an excellent addition to the game, can you address please, thanks, Malc.

  7. Nice work! Too bad that “Notre Dame” does not appear on its island (city). Paris without the Seine is not quite Paris.

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