Passenger Mod v 0.1

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Hello all.
I’am adarf33

This is passenger mod v0.1
If all support the mod i will add bus terminal model for all companies
This is the first realese

Please share original link only.

I’m waiting all of them’s support…

As you can follow me in here:

Authors: adarf33, LaSTKRaL, iconRJ, Mahyar.Gh


10 thoughts on “Passenger Mod v 0.1

  1. Yes Bro , Please make a realistic bus terminal with passanger and other busses on the terminal

  2. valerijjbyk


  3. Not work on ProMods 2.11… 🙁

    1. I told the person making mode. it will also work on the subject

  4. I wish you could pick them up from bus stations 🙁

  5. Nice idea but please look for an promod compatibility

  6. Victor Coombs

    Hi. I have an idea for a passenger mod. How do I share this idea with you.

  7. Does it work for version 1.26.2s?

  8. Here is the guide how to enable the mod :
    In video you”ll find the test of this mod… It is compatible with 1.25 version and runs smoothly with other mods….

  9. Is working on 1.27.2 ?

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