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  1. What is this,cant scs get it right so tsm can make there 3.0 map compatible,
    are you gonna make another in a few hours.
    Come on guys get it together, i want tsm map 3.0 towork with the new truck.

    1. trucker richy

      Dean the TSM map has already been updated to work on any 1.4 version. The current TSM map is 3.2 search for it on other sites because they have not loaded it here yet

      Trucker Richy

      1. That version was not released by the original authors. Or so I’ve heard. It does not hold to their standards.

        1. trucker richy

          pasilius. I don’t know because I don’t really like the TSM maps, too amateurish for my likeing. So I am not sure what standards you mean, as I don’t use the maps lol sorry

      2. Sarkissian

        There is NO 3.2 map on the TSM site!
        Here is the TSM site

        No 3.2 map yet!!!

        1. we’ve come to attention a false and illegal version of TSM Map 3.2 is spreaing around the internet …
          Some funny faggots tried to trouble us and converted our TSM Map 3.0 very very terrible and foolish to make it work with Patch……said TSM TEAM

    2. First of all, no-one has to wait making maps for 1.4.x, because when it comes to maps, there is no difference between 1.4.1 and 1.4.6.

      Second thing, it is perfectly normal that there are so many patches. Earlier, they were only for a group of beta testers, now, they’re for everyone. These patches are only for people that know what they are doing and how to fix it if something goes wrong. If you are a beginning user and don’t have a clue, wait for the official patch on

      Third, thing, TSM 3.2 is not from the original makers, but to call it “illegal” is completely nonsense. But hey, we are used to the fact that many modders, and especially the TSM guys, are known for their exaggeration.

      1. trucker richy

        Well said bartvham mate.

  2. Is this for tsm map 3.0

  3. Yes Dean youre right.

  4. Thanks mate, do you know where i can get it from,
    Do you have a link.

    1. trucker richy

      let me go find it quick mate

  5. The TSM 3.2 is a illegal copy, check this on

  6. trucker richy

    Dean here is the link mate, hope that helps

    1. This mod has been pulled from most site by administrators due to unauthorized copy

    2. that map is illegal and it has been removed

  7. again? its only hours from before …
    cmon, don’t rush take it easy …

  8. szetland1971

    This version is not done by TSM

  9. Wat about truckers map v8 and v26

  10. steve white

    At the end of the day, even if the TSM 3.2 release is not official from the TSM crew, surely it is good publicity that someone got off their #### and got it working with the 1.4.x patch?

    I’m by no means condoning taking someone elses work though.

  11. Third, thing, TSM 3.2 is not from the original makers, but to call it “illegal” is completely nonsense.

    you´re so right, but TSN Gods make her own rules

  12. TruckerGuy135

    For all of you complaining about TSM not working: SCS didn’t make TSM so why should they care if TSM works with their game. TSM compatibility should be up to the TSM authors

  13. Sarkissian

    Anybody has some readme file for what the 1.4.6 patch is changing or fixes????

    1. Michael Fase

      yes, it’s called the official SCS forum

      1. Sarkissian

        Being a smart ###, aren’t you?

      2. Sarkissian

        Okay smart ###, shoiw me the link to the readme file for the 1.4.6 patch, I dare you!

  14. Sarkissian

    Okay smart ###, show me the link to the readme file for the 1.4.6 patch, I dare you!

    1. Wow, calling people names from behind your computer screen. Easy isn’t it?

      There is no official changelog for 1.4.6. The best description I can give you is; “It should fix the bugs from 1.4.5” 😉

      1. Sarkissian

        Yes indeed, it’s easy!!
        But what else should I do?
        Try to jump out of your screen or what??

  15. lonelyface

    Disappears trailer..Please solve the problem/

  16. lonelyface

    Disappears trailer.

  17. HELP HELP HELP, i have the 1.4.4 and none of the barriers road payment and trains are opening i’ve rebuild a profile without any mods what to do please?

    1. OK install 1.4.5 then 1.4.6 all fixed up^ .

  18. Can make in some new patch this that if I choose 1024×800 and choosed text quality 25% then if I drive in cabin then I saw example fuel better quality

    I spoke little bit murky and hope understan what I mean

  19. hi I’ve just installed patch 1.4.6 and now my indcators don’t cancel and gears jump example 7-9,9-11 and I’M using manual gearbox this didn’t happen before the patches

  20. I ended up having some mods mess up the gates working and when i removed the realistic physics v 4 the gates were ok again. When you find a flaw in the game do this. deactivate all the mods to see if it goes away and if it does help, add them back one at a time to see which was the one causing it.Run the game a reasonible distance to see if the one you added causes the problem. Remember SCS does not really accept other peoples mods in their game, it is at your risk to add them, because SCS can only test what they make for the game when they test the game under their controlled editing. I am also running 1.4.6 with no problems

  21. TSM said “wished many many times, so it will come within the next days: TSM Map 3.0 adjusted to Patch 1.4.1. Some reported errors and bugs are already fixed in version 3.2 – 3.1 will be skipped” its not released yet

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